Neon grids for Nike Studio’s showroom in Beijing embody speed and infinity

BEIJING – Recipient of a HKDA Global Design Award this year, the Nike Studio Beijing by Coordination Asia is showcased in our retail bible Powershop 5.

Part exercise in branding, retail and exhibition design and part plain old exercise, the Nike Studio is a high-impact fitness and athletic-wear showroom that brings together a series of workout studios with experiential product displays. In a spartanly furnished 1200-sq-m gallery, Nike showed off its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection while making allusions to infinity, speed and empowerment.

Guests were encouraged to ‘find their fast’ in a minimalist but high-impact series of spaces. To draw visitors through an exhibition-like product gallery and to create a sense of energy and motion, the designers darkened workout areas and struck a contrast with stand-alone product installations and screens in dramatic forms.

Coordination Asia embodied speed and infinity in reflective display cases and booths, LED grids and hyper linear frames and display structures installed in repetitive or mirror-image rows. The design team showed Nike uniforms in four mirrored containers and installed Zoom apparel behind rows of semi-transparent screens.

Rectilinear lights arch over the locker room while treadmills are ‘contained’ in an LED light ‘box’, creating a human scale space within the larger room, suggesting freedom and shelter at the same time. Elsewhere an athletic sensibility prevails with benches and footwear bars, as well as pep-talk imperatives in muscular graphics.

Photos courtesy of Coordination Asia


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