New Book Call for Entries: Bright 2

Created an impact with light recently? Submit your work for consideration in Bright 2.

We are pleased to announce that Frame Publishers will release a new publication in the Bright book series. This title is now open for entries, and we're excited to invite you to submit your latest lighting design installations.

Frame’s successful book Bright was well-received for putting innovative projects in the spotlight. Now, 5 years on, we are on the hunt for more trend-setting and creative uses of light for a new addition to this book series.

Bright 2 attempts to capture the feeling of how light and projections can elevate a building, bridge, office or shop. Light is also important for interior designers, who use it to give the impression of a room where there isn’t one or make a space seem bigger or smaller. Others use light to conjure works of art, forms and images out of nothing or to give entire city centres a whole new look. In short: light is a magical medium for creative experimentation that today’s designers are using to produce a broad spectrum of exciting work.

This inspiring volume will reflect on the current role of illumination as a multifaceted and interactive design element.

Got a project?
This book focuses on the technical aspects of some of the world's greatest architectural illumination and light installation projects. We are seeking work that falls into one of the three categories: dynamic, interactive and static. If you have one, please let us know, or read here for some more initial details about how to contribute.

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