New York by Gehry

The structure dramatically shakes up the city’s iconic skyline. Photo dbox.

NEW YORK – Frank Gehry has realized the tallest residential tower in New York City’s history.

The 76-storey skyscraper (265 m) rests in Lower Manhattan with an impressive undulating exterior made of 10,500 customized steel panels. New York by Gerhy, as the building is named, dramatically shakes up the city’s iconic skyline with its baroque dynamism.

The tower rises from a six-storey base that houses a public elementary school and one floor of hospital services.

Using the same kind of computer modelling that he employed to design the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Gehry was able to develop countless distinctive configurations for both façades and interiors, with a minimum increase in cost.

Placed in different positions from floor to floor, bay windows create interior pockets that invite residents ‘to step into the space,’ as the architect says, and enjoy impressive views of the surroundings.

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