New York Time-Lapse From World Trade Center Elevator

Manhattan unveils 515 years of history as the elevator rises.

NEW YORK – A beautiful time-lapse film creates an informative and exhilarating panorama for visitors who journey up to the observatory deck of the new 1 World Trade Center in any of the five elevators of the building.

The video, which was shared by The New York Times, is by Reuben Hernandez and offers a preview of what visitors will experience as they ride the elevator up to the 102nd floor of the building.The entire show was designed and produced by the Hettema Group and Blur Studio. The overall architect is Montroy Andersen DeMarco.

The film – which clads three walls of each elevator – explores and presents a three-dimensional animated panorama of Manhattan revealing 515 years of history. Beginning with the original landscape, the city erects from the windmills of New Amsterdam up until the urban jungle of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as the buildings come and go. On one of the walls of the cab, as it rises, a sensitive homage to the original 1 World Trade Center subtlety appears and disappears in a glimpse.

Visitors to the new 1 World Trade Center will be able to experience the 47-second film from next month.

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