Nieuwegein City Hall

‘We have tried to create a building that can be a catalyst for social affiliation with the city,’ Herforth Nielsen says.

NIEUWEGEIN – In the Dutch town of Nieuwegein, about 45km south of Amsterdam, a new city hall is seeking to create a stronger, more cohesive community.

The structure fuses typical bureaucratic administration facilities with a library, commercial spaces, café and cultural house. At the core of the 27,000-sq-m building is a bright atrium, where the open public areas are located. A sculptural staircase ascends through its centre, connecting users from the social service areas to the city hall. 

‘By bringing together [these elements], the city hall fuses a range of everyday activities,’ says architect Kim Herforth Nielsen of 3XN. ‘This creates life in the building all day, and strengthens the connection to the commercial and residential area surrounding the building.’

The inner façade is made of concrete and glass; the exterior façade acts as a shell, covered with a blue and grey geometric silkscreen pattern that adds a three-dimensional expression to the structure.

Photos courtesy of Adam Mørk

Nieuwegein City Hall
Cityplaza, 3431 LZ

Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Billboard: Salone del Mobile 2018
Billboard: Salone del Mobile 2018

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