Nina Mair simulates the tranquillity of a winter cabin in an airport terminal

Innsbruck, Austria – Nina Mair studio uses locally-sourced materials and hand-woven textiles to transform the Innsbruck airport lounge from sterile waiting room to cosy Alpine cabin. Love seats perched against a panoramic view of the mountainous landscape sit atop wool rugs, welcoming visitors to relax and distance themselves from the hectic transportation hub.

The local design firm notes the ‘remarkable context’ in which the project sits; framed by mountain views, the lounge offers a seamless transition for travellers departing from a ski holiday. Its inviting atmosphere contrasts the strictly regulated nature of the airport, comforting passengers who were subject to metal detector screenings just minutes before. Upon reaching the lounge, the typical sense of orientation within an airport terminal is quickly forgotten. Acoustic panels, local craftwork, and a warm material palette maintain a serene atmosphere despite the 4.5-metre-high ceilings and transitory nature of the space.

Local villages inspire key aspects of the interior. A large stone sink references fountains of the same form and substance commonly found in surrounding towns, while the handiwork of local craftsmen is manifest in wool rugs and metal partitions shaped like the shingles of the Golden Roof, Innsbruck´s most recognizable city landmark. The strong sense of locality is complimented by a contemporary aesthetic that incorporates smooth wood surfaces and modern furnishings.

A large library and warm ambient lighting complete the tranquillity of a secluded vacation home while offering business travellers all the amenities expected of an airport. Terrazzo floors and hand-woven textiles perfectly reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape and provide all the warmth of a hearth in a winter cabin.

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