Ninety Minutes of Frame: Anna Lomax

Body Builder by Anna Lomax features an array of found materials. Photo Jess Bonham

Intrigued by pop culture, folk art, pound shops, the bizarre, and other people's junk, Anna Lomax works as art director and set designer on everything from small still lifes to large installations, using a range of media. Lomax was born and bred in South London, studied illustration at Brighton University and currently works from her base in East London. In the past, Lomax has worked with the likes of Nike, Vogue and Selfridges. At the fifth edition of Ninety Minutes of Frame on 18 December, Lomax will speak about the importance of communication in design.

How do you use design as a branding tool? 
It's not something I consciously think about with my work. When I get the chance to stand back and take stock; everything is always connected through a strong visual language or style. Even when I try to make something that is ‘different’, it always looks like something I have made. I have quite a particular taste in the things that I collect and surround myself with, so it's pretty hard to remove myself from a certain aesthetic.

Do you think your work will need to take on a different role in the future to satisfy client’s changing needs?
I'm always up for a challenge and really love experimenting with new techniques and processes so the work will always evolve. I've always had a very firm opinion that the only way to maintain a long career is not to be scared of creative boundaries and not to put yourself into a specific category. For those reasons, I'm always up for making suggestions to clients like let’s make something come out of the piece of furniture or shooting a film instead of just a standard still life. I'm not sure if that's satisfying the client's needs, but to me it's most important to keep on doing as many personal projects as possible, making mistakes and learning the process. The results of these projects are often picked up and developed for a client later on. 

What will a live presentation allow you to communicate?
As a bit of a workaholic, I tend not to look the future too much and work very much in the present, just trying to juggle all the deadlines. It's really great to get to share your practice and process and put it all into context. It’s also the perfect time of year to think about the future and what you want the year to hold, so I'm pretty excited!

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Thursday 18 December 2014, 8pm

Pakhuis De Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam
English spoken, Admission free

Save the Date: The 6th edition of Ninety Minutes of Frame: Pigment Pioneers will take place on 19 February 2015.

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