Ninety Minutes of Frame: Desiree de Jong

Portrait by Andrew Meredith.

Speaking at Ninety Minutes of Frame early next week is Moooi's Art Director, Desiree de Jong. Moulding the Moooi brand since its inception with her motto 'we are here to make an environment beautiful, exciting and inspiring', de Jong's progression from her TU Eindhoven days to Moooi career alongside Marcel Wanders has resulted in an eye for detail with original and unpredictable outcomes.

Why is creating an experience so important in Moooi’s presentations?
We want to inspire our public and our clients by giving them a range of new products, and a presentation they will remember. It's a way to communicate about our brand, bring people into our world and give them an unexpected welcome.

Is there a common thread that runs through all communication of the Moooi’s identity?
The bold graphic style together with striking photography are the main ingredients and we always search for certain contrasts – black and white, big and small. Next to these principles we always allow ourselves the freedom to try out new ideas.

How has Moooi’s identity evolved over the years?
When we started we always emphasized the story of the product and the story of designer. Since last year we focused on a third layer; how this can be put together in an interior. We try to communicate all of these elements as we think they are all equally important. The collection and also the brand's identity feels more mature and complete now, but we are still a young brand and continuously developing.

You and Marcel Wanders share the role of art director for Moooi. How does this partnership work?
We touch base for the bigger decisions and projects. Every three or four weeks we have a day together brainstorm and discuss projects. Marcel has a very strong vision on the direction of Moooi as a brand. I have a very clear idea of how this should look particularly in the smallest details.

Monday, 16 June 20:00-22:00
Pakhuis De Zwijger – Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam
English spoken
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