An unsightly shed on the French shore was converted into a comfortable cabin

Normandy, France – Few could have imagined that one day this tiny shed would become a comfortable little cabin. Near the small French village of Fermanville, in Normandy, the windowless concrete structure had been used as a storage space for several years before being put up for sale. When the new owner discovered the advertisement (and the low price) online, he didn’t hesitate. A prime location with a sea view is very rare.

After a thorough renovation carried out by Freaks Architecture, the shed became an ideal ‘Viking seaside summer house.’ The description is that of the architects, who base it on the beachfront site and the history of the region. Built on the rocks in the 1950s, the 3-x-4-m former shed didn’t offer Freaks a lot of space to work with. French laws that protect the coast are stringent, often making it impossible to change either the size or shape of existing structures. In the case of a cabin with such an amazing outlook, however, size is of secondary importance.

In contrast with the busy Parisian life of the owner, the "Viking house" is the perfect place to disconnect

Two large sliding windows now face the sea. Freaks Architecture bought all building materials at a local DIY shop. Roofing and exterior insulation were replaced by a light, champagne-coloured, galvanized metal cladding. Confronted with such a limited space, the architects had to use their imaginations. The ground floor is very functional. A toilet, shower and open kitchen form the core.

Furnishing the main room are several folding chairs and a sofa bed, and a double bed is at mezzanine level. But the real living space is outdoors, subject to the elements of nature: wind, sun and sea. In contrast with the busy Parisian life of the owner, the ‘Viking house’ is the perfect place to disconnect.

This piece was originally featured on Mark 70.

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