Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux by Herzog & de Meuron

The stadium by Herzog & de Meuron will be one of the stages in the 2016 European Football Championship.

BORDEAUX – Inaugurated in May 2015, the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux in France will be the new playing ground of Girondins de Bordeaux football club and one of the stages in the 2016 European Football Championship. No stranger to designing large stadiums, international firm Herzog & de Meuron, assisted by Groupe 6, has delivered a simple structure with geometric precision. The curved and straight lines come together to create an uplifting and elegantly modest stadium.

Flat yet open, the geometrical arrangement of the stadium integrates with its surrounding landscape and urban fabric. The 42,200-seat monochromatic stadium, which curves outwardly towards a rectangular roof, is separated by two tiers and again divided into four sectors. The curved figure of the stadium, articulating the impression of a bowl, emerges amongst a rain of thin columns supporting the structure. Complementing its curve, a ribbon of food stalls and restrooms coils within the columns, tying the stadium together. 

Elevated on a plinth, one is invited to move up to the stadium. The combination of the ‘architectural simplicity and pure lines of the bowl and its base ensure smooth spectator flows and ease of orientation,’ explains the architect. Inside the arena, the structure is not expressed to avoid distracting the viewers. Covered by a visually uniform canopy, it allows the audience to focus their full attention on the pitch. 

Photos courtesy of Francis Vigouroux and Iwan Baan

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