Obstacle, spectacle – Vavas uses a sculptural display to bridge and divide

SEOUL – The Vavas eyewear store in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam District, gives centre stage to an angular display object that’s both rough boulder and sleek stainless steel.

Employing what the design team Niiiz Design Lab calls ‘a cynical and sophisticated aesthetic’, the store combines rugged textures with gleaming stainless steel in a juxtaposition that draws visitors further inside and invites exploration.

The unfinished concrete of the high ceiling sharpens the focus on the glossy and textured surfaces below, while the display object in the centre of the space commands attention with its visual contradictions.

Strategically set at the top of the eye-catching terrazzo staircase, the display object appears solid and heavy even while partially floating above the surface of the floor. The Vavas store is split in half by the gleaming brass-coloured flooring and white walls on one side, and the terrazzo stairs and platform and black walls on the other. The object – which serves as both sculptural element and display counter – further organizes and divides the interior like a futuristic space capsule.



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