Oh, Plastiksack Installation by Luzinterruptus

‘We wanted the whole world to be able to see what we were doing and how we were doing it,’ Luzinterruptus designers say.

For its most recent ‘intervention,’ Madrid-based design collective Luzinterruptus traveled to Switzerland to take over a museum’s entrance with a thought-provoking – and recycling-savvy – installation.

The team dubbed the project Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum, for which they placed two containers on either side of the Gewerbemuseum’s main entrance. The containers have been filled with colourful bags, lit from within by lights, and the project will be left in place for the forthcoming four months.

‘The first few days of the installation were the most striking and spectacular, with all the bags perfectly placed and filled with air,’ say Luzinterruptus representatives. ‘After a few weeks the display was no longer as pleasing to the eye; surely after four months it will look truly decrepit.’

The project is part of the ongoing exhibition Oh, Plastiksack!, which is devoted to finding alternative uses for plastic products. It can be visited until 7 October at the Gewerbemuseum in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Gewerbemuseum Winterthur
Kirchplatz 14
CH - 8400 Winterthur

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Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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