OLS House by J. Mayer H. Architects

OLS House sits in a residential area surrounded by conventional developments.

STUTTGART – OLS House boasts a myriad of contrasting elements that allow its contemporary design to assimilate the surroundings. The white façades contrast with the black tartan floors outside, while its curved shape distinguishes it from the conventional developments of the residential area where it is located, the majority of which date from the 1960s. Moreover, its geometry and synthetic materials mark a distinction from the nature that surrounds it. Yet, all these features seem to work together to magnify the house’s traits and give it character. It is only fitting, then, that, deliberately or not, the house resembles a yin-yang symbol at a certain angle.

Sitting on a hillside near Stuttgart, Germany, this private residence for a family of four affords beautiful views towards the valley. Having in mind the clients’ wish to ‘bring this view to life even inside of the building,’ German studio J. Mayer H. Architects strategically incorporated full-height glazing, terraces and balconies into the curved design.

According to the architects, ‘the house is divided into an elevated ground floor with entrance area, utility room and spa, and a second floor with an open, flowing floor plan containing the living, dining and kitchen areas. (…) Upstairs are the sleeping areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms.’ These elements are linked by a central sculptural staircase that connects all levels.

Images courtesy of David Franck


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