On And On by Rafaël Rozendaal at Carl Kostyál Gallery in Stockholm

On And On, a one-man show at the Carl Kostyál Gallery in Stockholm, represented Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal’s attempt to deconstruct the digital. Now living and working in New York, the artist uses the internet as a canvas on which to create the weird and wonderful websites – he refers to them as 'Web pieces' – for which he is best known. Generally speaking, you need a device that links to the internet if you want to see his colourful, interactive, mostly minimalist works, but for the Swedish exhibition he allowed his art to escape the virtual and enter the physical, where it led a life beyond the pixel. On display were iridescent 'paintings' and fluorescent projections that offered visitors the opportunity to experience his work off-screen. Even his analogue installations, however, seemed set on mimicking a digital world. Shattered mirrors reflected and fragmented projected images until we could no longer be sure whether a programming error was occurring on the screen or in actuality. The artist turned us into tightrope walkers trying to achieve our balance as the visible, the tangible and the digital twiddled with the precarious cord.


Photos Carl Henrik Tillberg


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