On The Way To The Ocean Exhibition

Open landscapes and sky are typical of imagery depicting the 'American Dream.'

Boo Ritson's images and landscapes have immediate reference to the 'American Dream,' artificially staged in her studio with various props and objects.  

Chesam-based Ritson had previously created portraits characterized by the heaviness of make-up and the voluntary exaggeration of their fictional nature. For her second solo show at Poppy Sebire, she focuses on the American landscape, celebrating and questioning its romantic openness.

The images represent rocky corners, nocturnal and sublime scenarios, plus flora and fauna typically associated with the proverbial wilderness of American nature.

The subjects of Ritson's work are manufactured and staged in her studio. She uses various found objects and props, working in different stages before capturing the final digital print. As a result, the images have a clear artificial character that triggers doubts on the mythical idea of freedom conjured by American landscapes.

Ritson's show On The Way To The Ocean runs until 5 May at Poppy Sebire Gallery, London.

Photos courtesy Boo Ritson & Poppy Sebire.

Poppy Sebire Gallery
All Hallows Hall
6 Copperfield Street
London SE1 0EP
United Kingdom


Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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