Out Now: Mark #69 – Aug/Sep 2017

Out Now: Mark #69 – Aug/Sep 2017

It’s the height of the summer and we’ve got a shiny new issue of Mark to tickle your fancy on a warm, sunny afternoon. Issue #69 travels to Beirut to check out some of the latest projects to be completed in the Lebanese capital. Bernard Khoury’s residential complex – Plot #1282 – is our cover feature and has all the makings of a ghost ship. Elsewhere, Herzog & de Meuron’s high-rise apartments comprises 26 storeys of thin, stacked slabs, and Youssef Tohme has completed two heavy, concrete villas on the city’s outskirts.

We speak to Lisbon-based architect Aires Mateus – the studio of two brothers – about their latest project in Tournai, Belgium. The brief called for the construction of a new university campus with two limitations: time and money. The contemporary building that resulted not only relates to its existing surroundings but uses archetypal volumes to craft a foyer that provides a new multifunctional space for its students.

C.F Møller’s Copenhagen International School is next on the radar for Mark #69. Rising from the industrial district on Nordhavn’s waterfront, the campus accommodates students from ages 5 to 18. The building’s tiled façade is a pixelated skin of blue solar panels angled in four different directions. Says the architect: ‘We didn’t even consider using traditional-coloured cells. It would be gloomy if they were grey or black.’

In other news: Office KGDV’s Solo House runs rings around its natural surroundings; a tower in Pratteln, Switzerland, protects its residents from the noise of the nearby railway; and cultural critic and theorist Mark Cousins talks to Mark about the role of history, theory and criticism in architecture – and why he believes that the purpose in life is a book.


Cross Section
Extrastudio; Salottobuono; Ryu Mitarai; Elding Oscarson; Christ & Gantenbein; Rosenbaum and Aleph Zero; Marieke Kums and Junja Ishigami; Terra e Tuma; Chance de Silva; Ram Arkitektur; Suppose Design Office; Studio MK27; Dollhouses

Perspective: Beirut
• Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes discusses citizens’ rights to their city
• Bernard Khoury no longer responds to future urban plans for the Lebanese capital – they’re bound to change anyway
• Although Herzog & de Meuron’s Beirut Terraces project suggests transparency and permeability, it is first of all an accumulation of single luxury apartments
• Lebanon’s political structure and its rugged geography define Youssef Tohme’s architecture

Long Section
• C.F. Møller’s Copenhagen International School is a pioneer in an industrial-transformation zone
• Bureau Spectacular’s projects are getting bigger and more concrete, without sacrificing a sense of humour
• Office KGDVS’s Solo House exemplifies an ongoing shift towards exceptionality in contemporary architecture
• Thomas Kröger creates something new out of what we think we know
• Giancarlo Mazzanti provided a kindergarten in Barranquilla with a stimulating environment
• Three works of art by Doug Aitken consider modern life through modern architecture
• Aires Mateus built a Faculty of Architecture that allows freedom of appropriation
• Cultural critic and architectural theorist Mark Cousins has spent half a life lecturing at the Architectural Association

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