Out Now: Mark #71 – Dec 2017 / Jan 2018

Getting ready for the holiday shopping list? How about a set of Lego bricks? Or maybe the new issue of Mark can have a special place under the Christmas tree. BIG’s long-standing dream of building the Lego House in Billund comes true with photos by Iwan Baan as the cover project of issue #71. Don’t be fooled though, because the genius of Lego is that it isn’t a toy, but more like a tool that allows you to fabricate your own world.

This latest issue takes us to Shenzhen to check out some of the latest projects to be completed in the Chinese city nearby Hong Kong. With the Sea World Culture and Arts Center, Maki and Associates adds an important cultural space to Shenzhen’s waterfront. Elsewhere, the architects of the Shenzhen-based firm Urbanus added a new typology to Chinese urban landscapes: an urban village on the roof of a conventional mall.

Heatherwick Studio shows us the art of reinvention with the conversion of a decommissioned grain silo in Cape Town. The imposing silo has been turned into an art gallery with a hotel. Awestruck by the sheer magnitude of Heatherwick’s architectural accomplishment, we’re left with nagging questions about how works of art can compete with the building’s utterly compelling transformation.

In other news: Brooks + Scarpa designed a museum that’s dominated by its sculptural roof; COBE transforms a former grain silo in Copenhagen into 38 unique apartments clad in galvanized steel; we speak to Alezander Rieck about the place of the printed word in a digitized world in this issue’s Bookmark; an interconnected residence by Jakob + MacFarlane marries technology with its green surroundings.

Cross Section
Brooks + Scarpa; Wild Bär Heule; Büro Ole Scheeren / HLS; Martin Emborg; Jakob + MacFarlane; Ludloff Ludloff; Kogonada / Elisha Christian; Maison Édouard François; TNA; Buchner Bründler; OMA; Coop Himmelb(l)au

Perspective:  Shenzhen
•    Harry den Hartog sees how Shenzhen embodies China’s longing for renewal
•    Maki and Associates adds an important cultural space to Shenzhen’s waterfront
•    Wang Weijen’s university library in Shenzhen completes a Jeffersonian campus green
•    Open Architecture offers an alternative to the low-density Chinese university campus
•    Urbanus combines housing and shopping in unexpected ways

Long Section
•    Heatherwick Studio converted a decommissioned grain silo in Cape Town into an art gallery with a hotel
•    COBE transforms a former grain silo in Copenhagen into 38 unique apartments
•    BIG applied the language of toy bricks to a full-scale building
•    Mad’s Chaoyang Park Plaza in Beijing is inspired by traditional Chinese landscape paintings
•    Takasaki Masaharu infuses a house with mythology and religion
•    David Connor and Kate Darby preserved a ruined cottage by encapsulating it within their new studio
•    Yazdani Studio designed an innovative research building in South Korea
•    Three projects in Frankfurt’s city centre show three ways of dealing with history
•    Equipo Mazzanti’s playful hospital extension in Bogotá offers an antidote to lethargy and apathy
•    Alexander Rieck thinks the printed word is obsolete in the digitized world

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