Overtreders W's hospitality hook is a citrus sensation

DEN BOSCH – Reinder Bakker and Hester van Dijk of Dutch design studio Overtreders W opted for a signature spot colour when working with the owner to realize a contemporary hospitality space on a low budget. Hangop is a café located in Willem II Fabriek, an artist-run music studio and performance space in the south of the Netherlands. The designers collaborated with the venue’s team to realize the contemporary concept. ‘We proposed to design only half of the interior to keep the costs down,’ says the duo. ‘We picked the colour. The second-hand furniture was selected, bought and painted by the volunteers.’

The studio describes the project as a volume split in half. Suspended overhead – above the owner’s choice of reused tables and chairs – is a vibrant framework of tubes, painted in classic Dutch orange. ‘One of the requirements was that the cafe should have a flexible layout but the client also really wanted to have suspended lights. As a result, we took into consideration the ability to move not just the loose furniture but also the lamps,’ van Dijk comments. ‘That’s when we came up with the idea of the scaffolding.’

The citrus-hued snaking framework – which has an industrial feel to tie in with the venue’s old factory location – is primarily suspended from the ceiling, with occasional slender columns providing additional support. This makes the structure strong enough to hold not only the lighting but a variety of miscellaneous items such as newspapers and umbrellas, as well as a selection of plants and – believe it or not – food. Yes, committing to the theme, Hangop cafe is specializing in ‘foods that hang’, so expect to see a range of bagels, cured sausages and dried herbs swinging from the hooks.

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