Pan-gyo Residence by Office 53427

Built on a luxury site, Pan-gyo Residence is now the most striking house in the district.

PAN-GYO – In addition to being the first example of a HI-MACS façade in Korea, this private house is a good illustration of mindful architecture. Korean architect Kiwoong Ko held the needs of the residents in mind down to the finest details in the design of Pan-gyo Residence in Pan-gyo, Korea.

Following the firm’s aspiration of counteracting the homogenous monolithic design that characterizes a part of Korean architecture, Office 53427 based Pan-gyo on the use of new materials and technologies. Its wave-like shape and the white HI-MACS acrylic stone façade make the house stand out in its 300-sq-m corner loft, granting the client’s wish that the house should be as different as possible from the others.

Explaining the concept of the project, the architect said: ‘I imagined a living space in which the room structure would satisfy the needs of the family, while providing a natural connection between the living area and the outdoors’. To achieve this, Ko used the same materials –  wood and HI-MACS – on the exterior and interior of the house and mirrored the curves of the façade in the walls and ceilings, creating innovative living areas.

Images courtesy of Yongkwan Kim


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