Parallèle Exhibition

A myriad of eyes in a sky full of stars. ('Narcisse').

Collage is an ever delightful art form in the practice of Erwan Soyer, whose personal show Parallèle invites audiences to discover a delicate and visual universe.

The exhibition Parallèle is installed in a bookstore in Montpellier, where the graphic designer and illustrator Soyer lives. The location is the perfect environment for the French artists' pieces, which are often realized on pages of old books.

'The works are hiding among the books, creating small parallel universes,' he says. 'The visit becomes a treasure hunt.'

Soyer's collages are made entirely by hand, without digital intervention. He explicitly mentions Surrealism as a main source of inspiration, and his work revolves around notions of territory, dreams and mythology.

Climbers and explorers transform pages of facts and figures into adventurous spaces of imagination. The echo of a screaming face creates visual waves that disrupt the text on the page. In these works, once again the technique of collage opens new imaginary worlds.

Parallèle runs until 30 April at Un jardin de Livres bookstore in Montpellier, France.

Photos courtesy Erwan Soyer.

Librairie Un jardin de Livres
3 rue Ferdinand Fabre
Montpellier, France

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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