With Working Spaces, Pedrali showcases five new products at Orgatec

Cologne – In the Italian timeline of gifted poets, the list is populated by the likes of Giosuè Carducci, Dante Alighieri and Gabriele D’Annunzio. But after this year’s Orgatec fair, we may have to add architects Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla to that roster: they’re behind Poetry of Elements, Pedrali’s newest – and certainly dramatic – office furniture proposal.

In its third year of collaboration with the Bergamo-based company, Studio Calvi Brambilla has decided to start at the very beginning of design: a blank sheet of paper, the birthplace of new ideas and the first place where any type of project starts to materialize. This beautifully significant object is the leitmotif of the entire exhibition space, transcending the conceptual to become an architectural element.

To bring the idea to life inside the 400 sq-m stand, the duo has decided to superimpose a series of decorative pieces in peacock blue, the now-signature shade of Pedrali’s trade show stands. This structure provides the setting for eight different scenes that showcase the brand’s newest products like actors on a theatre stage.

The visual poetry does not end there, though: the team has recruited Filippo Piantanida to create a series of images that interpret each product and highlights its unique features. The Milan-based photographer, known for his masterful use of the chiaroscuro technique, uses the leitmotif of the white sheet of paper to bring out a series of movements in the products. The end result is a series of ‘actors’ that seem to strikingly leap out of the dark.

The thespian lineup is made up of Pedrali’s most recent innovations: there’s the Elinor Executive Chair, made in collaboration with Claudio Bellini, with a polyurethane-injected foam hugs the user’s body. There are two new products by Jorge Pensi: the elegant Temps Executive Chair, a multitasking feat, and the new tilting and stackable version of the Ypsilon table, a flexible solution for temporary meeting rooms and co-working stations. Boxie is a modular storage system with wheels designed by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci, while Ray is a freestanding coat stand by Pio and Tito Toso.

To complete the playbill, Patrick Norguet’s Vic and Fox armchairs take the stage, along with Cazzaniga Mandelli Pagliarulo’s padded Nym Soft. Mandelli Pagliarulo is also behind the last scene in the setup, dedicated to the Tribeca outdoor collection.

The central hall is focused on informal working areas, and thus provides the perfect stage for the Buddy modular sofa system – designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli – as well as Patrick Jouin’s Elliot table, Luca Casini’s Fluxo table and the Babila barstools by Odo Fioravanti.

When Orgatec asked its exhibitors to showcase their new visions of work for the 2018 edition of the fair, they were probably expecting standalone functional solutions. Leave it to Pedrali, a company that understands the importance of evoking strong emotions with design, to present a vision that includes not just flexibility and quality for comfort’s sake, but also stands by the position that no part of life, work included, is fully formed without a touch of beauty, drama and poetry.


Location Hall 9.1 - Stand B041-A040, Messepl. 1, 50679 Cologne

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