Petit h for Hermès by Studio Toogood

Windows are dressed in dip-dyed iconic Hermès scarves.

Until 7 December, pedestrians on London’s New Bond Street can catch a glimpse of Studio Toogood’s collaboration with Hermès – and venture inside for the full experience.

It could’ve gone horribly wrong – dip-dying iconic Hermès scarves in what may as well have been a blood bath – yet somehow Studio Toogood seems to get it so right. The team joined forces with the luxury accessories brand for the first edition of Petit h, a series that repurposes discarded Hermès materials and objects.

The experience starts outside, where windows are dressed in dip-dyed iconic Hermès scarves. The crimson ‘quilt’ is a backdrop to oversized neon tools, which represent the various craft disciplines within Petit h.

The red route continues within the Hermès flagship; Studio Toogood has transformed the entire ground floor to fit Petit h’s theme of ‘exuberant re-invention’. Sculptural displays in glossy red leather and resin penetrate the white gallery-like space, presenting a collection of one-off and limited-edition pieces.

Studio Toogood’s interpretation of Petit h – which was conceived by Pascale Mussard, a sixth-generation family member of Hermès – offers a radical approach to the brand’s packaging and staff attire. Accessories are made from silk and leather offcuts from the Petit h workshop, connecting workers with the project’s upcycling nature.

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