A 4-m-tall elephant structure is surrounded with a climbing staircase that links the lobby with the dining room above.

A gourmet restaurant in Bucharest is surprisingly colourful and kid-friendly, as its equipped with a playground, nursery, multipurpose activity room and casual café.

‘The functions of the program have their own agenda but at the same time they work closely together,’ says designer Robert Marin of Romanian firm Nuca Studio. ‘Therefore, the connection of the individual spaces was very important.’

In order to link the various areas, walls are perforated with transparent openings. The focal point is a 4-m-tall elephant made of foam covered in a thin sheet of rigid material; it links the first level open dining area with the lobby below.

‘The specific activities list seemed discordant at first - how does one associate haute cuisine, a restaurant’s atmosphere and a playground for children,’ Marin recalls. In the end, the layout was determined with a balance between binding and dividing the areas for children and adults.

Photos courtesy Cosmin Dragomir.

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