Photographer Steve King shows aerial views of Manshausen’s arctic architecture

In dialogue with nature on the outside, blending into nature from the inside.

MANSHAUSEN – Usually, Børge Ousland gets published in magazines like National Geographic. The native Norwegian is a glacial explorer who has travelled to the poles of the Arctic and Antarctic. In fact, Ousland is the first voyager to have made his way through frosty temperatures and divine landscapes on his own. As a true lover of the elements, the man owns an island called Manshausen directly above the Arctic Circle. To be able to share his divine nature resort, he invited architect Snorre Stinessen to build up to 13 cabins, a sauna and a meeting room, which was first featured in Mark 62 and marks the voyage of Ousland’s name from National Geographic to Mark magazine.

Architectural photographer Steve King has revisited the site and returned with a video that is shot completely with computer-controlled cameras. Photography’s purpose, inasmuch architectural photography, always transforms the object through only offering the viewer a certain selected frame of it. The aerial perspective shows the dialogue between architecture and nature with the necessary distance to understand the emotional connection between the two. 

Photos Steve King

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