Piccino Shop by Masquespacio

Cheap and cheerful graphics were the solution given the project’s low budget.

A new kids’ clothing store in Valencia’s City of Science, Piccino suggests a cartoon springing to life – an appropriate concept for a shop stocking children’s fashion.

With a mainly white interior putting the merchandise centre stage, all the fun comes from the cheerful graphic detailing. A pair of 2D characters – a boy and a girl, based on the owner’s own two kids – welcome young customers to the shop.

The designers have embellished the white walls with apparently hand-drawn architectural details, a cloud of butterflies and the colourful silhouettes of pieces of furniture. The real McCoy, meanwhile, is scarce and understated in the tiny 38m2 store, with just a few simple display units and a classic Lou Lou Ghost chair or two occupying 3D space.  

Photos courtesy Inquietud & David Rodríguez from Cualiti.

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