Pick of the Day: RAW Art Fair

Carlijn Mens' work can be seen this week at RAW Art Fair.

If you're in town this week for the Rotterdam Art Fair, make sure you leave room for RAW Art Fair - the younger art event that runs simultaneously. Here are some of our top picks for the artists you won't want to miss. (Also, take a look at our picks for Day 1 at the Rotterdam Art Fair.)

1. Aldo Bakker
The Dutch artist Aldo Bakker has been a jewellery designer, a glassworker and furniture designer, combining his broad experience into fluid, architectural design pieces. At the RAW Art Fair he will show his solid-oak Tonus Indigo. His work is shown by Amsterdam gallery Particles.

2. Jasper de Beijer
In his Morabunta series, the Dutch photographer stages fantastical and disturbing scenes inspired by the morbidity of the Mexican drug war, steeped in the colours and symbols of celebration. His work is shown by Galerie Nouvelles Images.

3. Chris Berens
The painter, brought up imitating the Old Masters, hand paints surreal, darkly-magical scenes. His Amsterdam series combines familiar streetscapes and squares, coated in a gauze of fantasy and embellished with tiny Victorian figures, pirate ships, crashing waves and crashed UFOs. His work is shown by Jaski Art Gallery.

4. Annabel Emson
British painter Annabel Emson works in oil, creating abstract pieces that evoke sensations and memories in bold sweeps of colour. Her work is shown by Marian Cramer Projects.

5. Carlijn Mens
Specializing in charcoal, Dutch artist Carlijn Mens uses a traditional medium to create mysterious pieces that evoke patches of sunlight and shadow captured as if by photographs. Her work is shown by BORZO Modern & Contemporary Art.

6. Gé-Karel van der Sterren
The Dutch painter's bright, often humorous work highlights the absurdity of the everyday, using different paints to create scenes that feel three-dimensional, as in his Tricky Rock paintings. His work is shown by Steendrukkerij Amsterdam.

RAW Art Fair runs from 6 February to 10 February. You can visit Elephant in Hall 2, stand 32.

RAW Art Fair
Brede Hilledijk 95
3072 KD
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

All images courtesy of the galleries.

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Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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