Picks of the Day 2: Art Rotterdam

Carlos Irijalba 'Inercia' (2012); video.

We're getting our mid-winter art fix this week at Art Rotterdam. If you're visiting as well, we've done the hard work for you and picked out the galleries and artists that aren't to be missed. (Or you can just enjoy discovering great new artists from afar). You might also want to check out our Picks of the Day 1 at Art Rotterdam and the RAW Art Fair.

1. Eelco Brand
Dutch artist Eelco Brand works with both traditional techniques and digital animation, creating brilliantly rendered scenes of nature that distort, rustle, shift and grow. His work his shown by Torch Gallery.

2. Michael Joaquin Grey
The American artist and inventor is known for probing the intersection between art and science, exploring the ways children learn and develop through mixed-media sculpture and images. His work is shown by Carroll / Fletcher.

3. Inti Hernandez
Cuban artist Inti Hernandez combines architecture, furniture design and public art with his Encounter Place series, drawing from Cuban history and craftsmanship to create a bench that encourages interaction and reflection. His work is shown by Galerie Ron Mandos.

4. Carlos Irijalba
The Spanish video artist creates shadowy, mysterious films, including Inercia (pictured above), a clip loaded with the anticipation of a late night escape and fleeting shafts of light. His work is shown by Galerie Sherin Najjar.

5. Ante Timmermans
Belgian artist Ante Timmermans is known for his mixed-media drawings that evoke and twist absurd facets of everyday life. For this group show based around the myth of Sisyphus, Timmermans made a piece called Make a Molehill Out Of A Mountain (Of Work).His work is shown by Barbara Seiler Galerie.

Art Rotterdam runs from 7 to 10 February. Eelco Brand and Ante Timmermans can be found in the fair's main space, the Cruise Terminal. Michael Joaquin Grey and Carlos Irijalba and Inti Hernandez can be found in the Projections space (addresses below.) Stay tuned for our final picks tomorrow.

Art Rotterdam
Main building: Cruise Terminal
Wilhelminakade 699
3073 AP

Projections: LP2 in Las Palmas Gebouw
Wilhelminakade 326

3072 AR
Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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