Picks of the Day 3: Art Rotterdam

Stephen G. Rodes, ‘Grundlegung Zur Krankisch Grundrisse Kopf bis Magen Innere Wirkung Natur Kapputt Aus Gemacht’ (2011); installation view, Metro Pictures, New York.

We're getting our mid-winter art fix this week at Art Rotterdam. If you're visiting as well, we've done the hard work for you and picked out the galleries and artists that aren't to be missed. (Or you can just enjoy discovering great new artists from afar). You might also want to check out our Picks of the Day 1 and Picks of the Day 2 at Art Rotterdam, and our picks from the RAW Art Fair.

1. Salvatore Arancio
The Italian artist is known for photo etchings, taking their inspiration from Victorian-era scientific etchings rendered with startling modern details. His work is shown by Federica Schiavo Gallery.

2. Bruno Botella
Paris-based artist Bruno Botella creates drawings and sculptures from a wide range of material from plaster to silicone. His work is shown by Galerie Samy Abraham.

3. Julie Cockburn
London-based artist Julie Cockburn trained as a sculptor, but now works mainly with found photographs that she embroiders, cuts and otherwise alters. Her work is shown by Ramakers Gallery.

4. Meiro Koizumi
The Japanese artist created the video installation Defect in Vision, casting blind actors to play the characters of a kamikaze pilot and his wife having their last meal together. His work is shown by Annet Gelink Gallery.

5. Stephen G. Rhodes
American artist Stephen G. Rhodes is known for his installations, drawing widely on American history and culture. His work is shown by Vilma Gold Gallery.

Art Rotterdam runs from 7 to 10 February.  Bruno Botella and Federica Schiavo Gallery can be found in the new art section, Meiro Koizumi is found in projections, all the other artists are found in the main section.

Art Rotterdam
Main building: Cruise Terminal (Main and new art).
Wilhelminakade 699
3073 AP

Projections: LP2 in Las Palmas Gebouw
Wilhelminakade 326

3072 AR
Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Billboard: F119 Out Now
Billboard: F119 Out Now

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