The pioneer behind One Plus Partnership’s latest dynamic cinema design

XIANGYANG, China – ‘Each of One Plus Partnership’s cinemas takes its cues from a different aspect of filmmaking,’ says Frame managing editor Tracey Ingram in the latest issue of the magazine, revealing the Hong Kong-based studio’s uncontested Cinema of the Year win at the Frame Awards 2018. Honouring the world’s best interiors and designers in 30 categories, the award-winning projects show where the industry is heading.

For the Fanyue Mall International Cinema in Xiangyang, One Plus Partnership abstracts the theme of camera obscura – the earliest form of photography, where images of external reality are projected onto a flat surface without capturing or recording said images. The ‘dark box’ of the camera obscura is spatially transformed into rectangular columns for the dynamic ceiling installation that has become the studio’s signature.

While floating aluminium volumes recall the award-winning design for Jinyi Cinemas in Guangzhou, the installation here incorporates tiny televisions in the ends of the columns, which play film clips in reference to camera obscura images. LED columns throughout the light wood-coloured aluminium punctuate the space with graphic colours and patterns, and the varying height at which the columns are installed offers various functionalities. Stacked and overlapped on the floor, the columns serve as benches, ticket and concession counters, as well as indicate auditorium numbers – visually merging the ceiling installation with cinema facilities for interaction between audience and design.

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