POD Hotel

Eco-friendly design aspects include LED lighting plus solar ventilation and heating.

FLIMS – Instead of passing frigid sleepless nights in tents, campers in a Swiss village can sleep soundly in comfort, warmth and an eco-chic frame of mind.

The first Pod Hotel has opened as a pilot project in Flims, Switzerland, with three small wooden huts forming rooms. The simple pods are nestled into a snowy path, offering a warm shelter with minimal ecological impact. Made of wood, the huts have double-paned windows and doors for added insulation; they use solar heating, LED lights and solar ventilation.

The transportable Pod Houses have been designed by Robust Outdoor Brands; they can be placed anywhere from jungle to city to snowy mountains.

Photos courtesy of Markus Zimmermann


Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale
Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale

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