Police Station by Josep Ferrando Bramona and Sergi Serrat

A police station in Salt used a clean, minimalist aesthetic to create a structure that would feel welcoming to the public.

SALT – If this building in the Spanish city of Salt looks nothing like your idea of a police station – that’s exactly the point.

The station, designed by architects Josep Ferrando Bramona and Sergi Serrat, is designed to look open and accessible to local citizens – while keeping public and private areas subtly but firmly separate.

Set against a grove of beech trees, the building is almost entirely white, with black porches differentiating public and private entrances for security reasons. Within the building, the areas are separated by different levels, and the white concrete of the exterior has been traded for stone and brick.

For more police stations that look like anything but, take a look at a cheerful police station in Kumamoto in Japan, this structure in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia, and a mobile mini-station in Hanover, Germany.

Photos courtesy of Adrià Goula, courtesy Josep Ferrando Bramona and Sergi Serrat


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