Polka Gelato

The minimalistic shop plays with themes of male versus female, child versus adult and night versus day.

While gelato shops are often neon bright with coloured décor, Polka Gelato is a refreshing space where the chilly product stands out against a surprisingly stark interior.

London-based studio Vonsung has realized the complete identity of the brand, from the name, signage and website to store concept and spatial design. It’s located near Fitzroy Square in a historic period building that contrasts the shop’s stark interior.

‘The dilemma was how to avoid the “ice cream parlor formula” of pop-culture and primary colours, without making a disconnected piece of modern design that clashes with the building’s original identity,’ explains designer Joseph Sung of Vonsung.

Colourful gelatos the focal point, while the interior resembles the sculptured nature of the hand-made product. The shop is unified with a single colour used on all surfaces; concrete covers the floor, walls and display case. To reduce the concrete’s monolithic aesthetic, Sung mixed limestone into the batch and applied a smooth finish to the raw surface.

‘The space conveys the feeling of being an insider in an environment; it recognizes what it might feel like being inside a creamy gelato batch,’ Sung says.

With the goal of bringing the traditional Italian treat to the streets of London, Polka Gelato sells artisanal ice cream made from pure ingredients like exotic fruits and spices.

Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale
Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale

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