Portable River by Luzinterruptus

Luzinterruptus filled 2,000 transparent bags with water and fake fish and plants to create 'Portable River'.

Spanish collective Luzinterruptus has once again taken to the streets, this time in Caracas, to produce an installation that questions the way we view – and monetize – water.

The group was invited to the Venezuelan capital by the Spanish embassy for the public space festival Middle of the Street, which ran in September.

For Portable River, they created a moveable, individually-wrapped river on the street, with 2,000 transparent grocery bags bags illuminated by from within and filled with plastic fish and plants.

At the end of the evening, visitors could take an individual bag home, converting the ‘river’ into miniature aquariums spread across the city. Also resembling sacks of money, the designers say the installation questions putting a financial value on an essential resource.

‘We wanted to stop [the river] for one night so that people could sit down and admire its beauty and perhaps, think about the value of this element, essential to life and the challenge presented in bringing it closer to the citizens, especially in the big cities.’

Check out other projects by Luzinterruptus - from a 'public swimming pool' to a river of 'floating presences.'

Images courtesy Gustavo Sanabria.

Billboard: Black Friday 2017
Billboard: Black Friday 2017

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