Post Exhibition by PostMatter

The films used a combination of technologies to create a multi-sensorial experience.

An exhibition by PostMatter in Milan challenged the norms of fashion communication with a series of interactive films. The installation aimed to explore new relationships with digital content by creating an immersive and interdisciplinary experience, blurring the line between performance, fashion and digital art. 

In the films Ripple, Echo and Gravity, models were shown wearing haute couture garments moving in slow motion. Ripple aimed to give visitors the sensation of touching the clothing on the screen by allowing them to run their hands across fabric panels. Experimental technology – called leap motion – was installed for the Echo film which enabled visitors to distort the film with their movement. Gravity used motion sensors which reacted to people as they approached the screen, shattering the on-screen image into digital geometric lines.

The venue provided a juxtaposition between cutting-edge technologies and heritage as the high definition screens, infrared sensors and motion tracking took centre stage within the walls of a former Renaissance church. The exhibition – which took place from 13-6 March – is planned to continue at various destinations worldwide throughout 2014.

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