Prada's 2017 Fall/Winter show features a meandering runway with a sprinkle of 70's edge

MILAN – Taking a step back from hyper-realistic, fully-immersive sets, OMA brought Prada back to basics with the so-called Continuous Interior last Sunday. The aesthetic expressed the value and relevance of simplicity while creating a set that formed a relationship between the audience and physical space. In addition to this, the design strived to advocate a return to reality through the creation of an intimate, unmediated relationship between viewers and fashion.

The retro, 70s-inspired edge of Prada’s 2017 Fall/Winter collection was echoed throughout the interior in both colour and material palettes. Implementing the deep hues of the disco era such as harvest-gold and antique-red, the set illustrates a form of modest and domestic design by marrying wood with terrazzo and through the use of beds. These elements lend a touch of domesticity to the runway while providing the composition with a sense of rhythm.

Intent on providing each guest with a personal experience, a continuous wooden panel divided the space into a series of consecutive sceneries so every seat had a different view of the show. The partitions acted as screens between each section of the space, creating a maze-like runway for the models as well as a variety of intimate perspectives for each guest.

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