Pressed by Floris Wubben

A set of clamps determine the shape of the final product.

Studio Floris Wubben, Pressed from Studio Floris Wubben on Vimeo.

Somewhere between craft and industry, Floris Wubben’s ‘pressing machine’ represents a way for makers to get more involved with the look of their final products without much of the hard graft. Lamenting the fact that physical human involvement in product design has been mostly been made redundant by machines, Pressed is a device for reuniting us with machine-made objects.

Epoxy clay is pressed through various extrusion profiles by the user, who can control it shape and form with the type of action made. The pot is then put into a moulding device that can be adjusted with clamps and screws to determine the final shape.

Wubben says this type of ‘semi-manufactured’ good  represents a unity of distinctive craftsmanship and mechanical production.

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