Process Exhibition

The levitating cocoons appear bulky and thick; they will soon wear down to reveal delicate, lightweight structures.

Polish artist Kamila Szczęsna’s latest installation invited viewers to witness something generally not displayed in a gallery: the sphere between the artistic intention and the final result.

Szczęsna attempts to understand and visually depict the processes she undergoes in her creative process. Hence, her most recent exhibition was titled Process; it showed until last week at the BWA Wroclaw Galleries of Contemporary Art in Wroclaw, Poland.

The focal point was an installation for which she used liquid porcelain to ‘embalm’ ladies undergarments, filling balloons with t-shirts and then suspending them using tights. Eventually, as time and external factors begin to dry out the porcelain, the bulky cocoons will decompose to reveal a delicate structure.

The installation is accompanied by drawings and sketches of cognitive moments and mind projections. These frames of a brain’s inner activity are devalued by time and emotion.

Szczęsna lives and works in Galveston, Texas, which she says further complicated the ‘process’ of preparing a show in Poland.

Glass and Ceramics Gallery
Kościuszki sqare 9/10
50-028 Wrocław

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