Project Jacquard by Google and Levi Strauss weaves textile and technology

A collaboration between Google and Levi Strauss, Project Jacquard is a technique to discreetly weave fibres with technology.

Natural and synthetic yarns are supplemented with strands of metal alloys. Dubbed Jacquard yarn, the hybrid is indistinguishable from its traditional cousin and simply replaces conventional yarns on standard looms. Performed on the same industrial looms which currently churn out 'boring' textiles for cost efficiency, the process would instead generate touch sensitive textiles which can be used in place of fabrics for interactive fashion to furniture. The process offers flexibility to integrate a sensor grid into objects with larger surface areas.

Miniature circuits – the size of buttons – control the range of electronic functions and connectivity to external apps,devices and services. Jacquard begins as a clean slate, giving both designers and developers a tool which satisfies a wide range of creative freedom.

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