All cardboard used in the project was recycled from the Bloomberg building.

Inspired by natural habitats like cocoons, beehives and spiders’ nests, British designer Liam Hopkins created a cozy dining space at Bloomberg’s London headquarters.

Using reclaimed cardboard and pallets, Hopkins created a cave-like shelter that protects a rectangular table inside. The frame is made of an astonishing 3972 triangular cardboard borders, while the same number fill the inside.

Held together by 11000 nails that had been reclaimed from wooden pallets, the resulting structure was built first in triangular sections, then assembled on-site by hand. ‘Pupa utilises the structural and acoustic properties of cardboard,’ Hopkins says.

The project was created for Arts Co. and Bloomberg’s Waste Not, Want It series of specially-commissioned art and design projects made almost wholly of Bloomberg’s waste.

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