Putting children in a castle so parents can dine like royalty

Shanghai – X+Living caters to the entire family in Neobio Kids restaurant, balancing between the adult dining experience and the more energetic table manners of children, who tend to rush off and play right after eating. Part of the Neobio Family Park, an indoor amusement complex in Shanghai’s Minhang district, the Neobio Kids restaurant takes inspiration from an image of a hot air balloon rising above a castle. 

X+Living brings this image to life in the 500-sq-m space with giant animal-shaped, half-sphere structures that hang over play pits filled with balls, sand and toys. A continuous, transparent acrylic crawlway connects the various play areas, comprising paths and climbing ladders that reach up to two metres in height before descending towards the next pit. X+Living symbolizes the relation between parents and children by contrasting the colorful balloons with a white, two-dimensional representation of a castle, hanging as a cut-out from the ceiling.

Overlooking the play area, dining tables are interspersed around the pits, putting parents’ minds at ease while their children are free to explore the structures in plain sight. The overall pastel palette and gold accents create a relaxed, elegant atmosphere, while various patterns and pops of bright colours add a lively, playful tone to the space.

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