Q&A: Lio de Bruin at Depot Basel

De Bruin has made three new pieces in his Leather Needlework series.

At Depot Basel, 13 designers will take part in Craft & Drawing, where each will exhibit a set of works alongside an original drawing. The idea is to celebrate the spontaneity and rawness of drawing as a visual communication tool, compared to the desire for designers to present finished products in a more polished way. Dutch designer and Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Lio de Bruin will show Leather Needlework.

Tell us a little about yourself as a designer.
I'm a young designer, working very intuitively. I love to experiment and I am passionate about materials, colours and textures. I want my products and ideas to be an adornment for the interior.

What will you show at Craft & Drawing?
I continued with my project Leather Needlework, in which I processed sheets of leather using old needlework techniques. For Depot Basel I designed and made three new pieces using different techniques. Two out of three are made with the weaving loom; the other is made with the tapestry technique. All pieces consist of two colours – a duotone outcome has a clear yet elegant mix.

Describe your style of drawing and making.
With a fine liner I drew my fantasy interior, a whole interior built out of different patterns and textures.

What did you learn from being involved in the show?
This will be my first international show, I'm very excited to be part of it and meet new people! I think I'll learn a lot from it.

The exhibition runs from 10-29 June at Uferstrasse 90, CH-4057, Basel. For details and the full list of participants, see www.depotbasel.ch

Photography by severafrahm

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