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Located at an altitude of 2650 m at the heart of the Obergurgl-Hochgurgl skiing area, guests can find the high-tech hut quattro Festkogl Alm.

The quattro Festkogl Alm, located in the Obergurgl-Hochgurgl ski region in Austria, is a newly designed restaurant that has been realised by Munich-based creative agency Designliga.

The space opened shortly before the start of peak ski season as a partnership between Audi and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl Ski Lift Company. The project is focused on quattro, Audi‘s all-wheel-drive technology, which sees hi-tech media integrated into the space to give all visitors to the Festkogl mountain top a lasting ‘quattro experience’.

The realisation of this architectural metamorphosis began with a visual impetus arising from the geometrical form of the Audi rings on the balustrade of the restaurant’s patio and extending throughout the terrace to reach its culmination on the façade. This is clad in faceted matte-finish anodised aluminium, gradually shaded by the design’s featured colour of red, from the parapet to the façade wall. The vibrant red creates an eye-catching splash against the snowy white background, making the restaurant clearly visible from long distances.

The section of the dining area located behind the aluminium façade features faceted interior walls, forming the maximum contrast to the existing interior of the hut and the newly designed dining area. In the new part of the restaurant, the tables appear to feature red-and-white checked tablecloths in their ‘non-activated’ state, but when ‘activated’ the checked pattern dissolves and shows an Audi with quattro technology making confident progress in a mountain landscape. Guests seated at these ‘media tables’ can also view further quattro clips and access information on the surrounding skiing area.

The materials used in the restaurant form a connection between warm Alpine hospitality and hi-tech automotive design – the latter particularly reflected in materials that are originally used for lightweight automotive applications. The contrast between old and new that begins at the entrance to the hut builds throughout the interior, with its media enhanced elements, before subsiding again at the entrance to the second dining area. By making this distinction between transformed and non-transformed exterior and interior areas, the design places equal emphasis on the old and new features of the building.

Photos courtesy of Designliga


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Designliga will be featured with another hospitality project in our upcoming book Night Fever 4, which will be published in fall 2014. If you have designed an inspiring cafe, bar, club, restaurant or hotel recently, please see here to find out how to contribute your project for consideration by the books team.

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