Ramat Gan House

The white envelope acts as a filter between the glass façade and the chaotic street.

TEL AVIV – Israeli firm Pitsou Kedem has realized a new urban villa in Tel Aviv’s eastern Ramat Gan district.

‘The Ramat Gan house is a closed, white box, devoid of any decorative or ornamental elements,’ says architect Omer Pitsou. The white envelope acts as a filter between the glass façades of the two-storey building and the chaotic street.

Slender horizontal lines randomly cut the solid walls, allowing light to penetrate the structure. The abstract motif, giving rhythm to the openings, reappears slightly impressed on all surfaces of the house as a visual graphic pattern.

Adapting to the sloping site, the house has a lower garden where a bridge links people to the entrance on the first level: an open living space that harmoniously fuses with the swimming pool. The interior is vertically animated by a floor-to-ceiling void that offers views of the stunning surroundings.

According to the architects, the pristine and scratched envelope of Ramat Gan House ‘creates drama, motion and dynamism in a space otherwise very meditative.’

Photos courtesy of Amit Geron


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