Rastvorennaya Pechal by Alexander James

Martyred Ophelia, 2012, courtesy of the artist

Each one of Alexander James’s works is a grand feat: comprising natural materials, handmade props and sculptural compositions, the impressive sets that he creates are immersed in huge tanks of purified water and photographed before being destroyed. His creative process also requires mammoth effort and space, which has prompted him to move his studio to the Red October Chocolate Factory, which is a space that has been defunct for over fifty years and is located on an island in Moscow. Fans of James’s work will be thrilled to know that he is the first British artist to be given a solo show at one of Moscow’s best known commercial art spaces, The Triumph Gallery, since Damien Hirst in 2006. 

For this landmark show,which marks one of many cultural collaborations as part of the UK-Russian Year of Culture 2014, James will complete all his photograph-tableaux in Russia, using locally sourced props and materials. He hopes that doing so will evoke a sense of the country’s rich cultural heritage in his works. Visitors to the exhibition should prepare to have their breaths taken away by the vivid colours of his photographs.

Rastvorennaya Pechal will run from 17 April to 11 May. 

Triumph Gallery, 3/8, Ilyinka Street, Building 5, Moscow 109012

Images courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

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