Under the direction of Boris Banozic, the students attend the Hochschule Darmstadt (University of Applied Sciences). They were assigned to develop and implement an exhibition stand for D3, a part of imm cologne that invites faculties from interior design and architecture programs to present works. With a budget of just €3000, the young designers looked to using existing materials and products. ‘In search of a product with the potential of creating space and reflecting our faculty, we looked to the folding metre stick,’ Banozic says. ‘It is the tool of the architect and simultaneously the link between the architect and the craftsman. It has always been used to measure space, but we decided to create space with it.’ They interlocked metre sticks, overlapping and crossing them to build a horizontal stucture that stands at 2.7 m high. The installation is made from 1148 metre sticks, 2296 screws and 574 plastic fasteners. ‘They transformed a standard, ordinary form into an extraordinary one,’ Banozic says. ‘They created an extensive spatial work from the smallest possible unit.’ Students involved include Christoph Stoll, Johannes Herud, Carina Cestaro, Maren Höss, Isabelle Hack, Lina Möller, Susanne Pauls, Rebekka Brasch and Kristina Kriegbaum. ‘The reaction by the visitors was overwhelming,’ Banozic recalls. ‘Everybody was excited about the beauty of the simplicity and structural stability of the construction.’

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