Reality or Truth Exhibition

The portraits of the 'Crumples' series are crumpled after being painted.

In the aptly-named Crumples series by Iranian arist Mohammad Hamzeh, the physical act of crumpling strongly represents the process of ageing and self-modification.

While Hamzeh originally started working with paper in 2001, he later developed the expressive practice of crumpling cardboard heads that pop up from a background. He then switched to the use of canvases. 

Hamzeh has been working on the Crumpes series since 2007. The act of gesture is used as a way to expressively distort the human figures represented. The effect is meant to signify the modification and detachment from the true self occurring under pressures of time and social conventions.

In the past, Hamzeh would crumple his paintings as to exaggerate the distortion. In his present practice, this is done already in the painting. Paradoxically, once crumpled, the figures are in some way corrected from their initial disproportioned image.

The exhibition Reality or Truth is on show until 16 May at Assar Art Gallery in Tehran, Iran.

Photos courtesy Mohammad Hamzeh and Assar Art Gallery.

Assar Art Gallery
16 Barforushan Alley
Iranshahr St., Karimkhan Zand St.
15836 Tehran

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