Reckless Unbound by Christy Lee Rogers

Christy Lee Rogers uses water, light and movement as expressive tools in her new exhibition in Los Angeles.

Entering the photographic universe created by Christy Lee Rogers is like plunging into an otherworldly dimension, where gravity is defied and shapes are mysteriously weightless and luxuriant.

Born in Hawaii, Rogers' inspiration is anchored in her native element: water. A self-taught photographer, she developed her technique by following her personal expressive urges.

Water is both a life-generating force and a danger in Rogers' photos, and while immersed, her models float freely, defying gravity. The shots are taken in dark conditions, evoking a sense of mystery.

Rogers' photographs are not digitally manipulated. Water, light and movement are the only expressive tools that she uses, and with incredible mastery. In fact, the light's refractions have a different density in water. Bodies and brightly coloured drapes are softly suspended and literally bathed in an almost touchable light. Everything oozes a sense of intimate grace, as well as a sensual exuberance reminiscent of baroque paintings.

Reckless Unbound is organized by A Gallery in London and is on show from 10 November at Aesthesia Studios in Los Angeles.

Aesthesia Studios
12130 Washington Place
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Images courtesy of the artist and A Gallery.


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