Recording Studio by UM Project

UM Project's recording studio combines digital and analogue technology with classic design.

Digital, analogue, or custom furniture?

Brooklyn-based studio UM Project has combined all three, in this retro-revival recording studio for The Motherbrain.

The designers were asked to combine both digital and analogue technology into one smooth, unified console for the studio, which records in both. Brian Bender, the founder of Motherbrain, found a recording console by German brand Wiener Schwachstrom Werke from the late 1960s, which UM Project combined with modern equipment by Tonelux and Apple.

For the design, the studio took their inspiration from mid-century, highly functional German style: combining bent wooden corners, a slick brass underside paired with utilitarian grey panels, and picking up the pale, minty green of the analogue knobs for the detailing.

The result is a sturdy piece of technology that also manages to look both minimalistic and clean, futuristic and yet surprisingly classic.

If only it was a dining room table, too.

Photos courtesy Francis Dzikowski/Esto.


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