Red Bull Music Academy

The ‘music warehouse’ is filled with technical tools for audio creation and research.

In a last-minute emergency, a temporary home for the annual Red Bull Music Academy – a traveling festival – was constructed in Madrid.

The academy had been scheduled to take place in Tokyo, but following the earthquake and tsunami of March, 2011, an alternative solution was needed. With just five months until the festival, it was relocated to Madrid where Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos converted an early 1900s industrial warehouse complex.

‘In many ways this project shares the logic of a Russian matryoshka doll,’ says architect María Langarita. ‘Not only in the most literal, physical sense, in which one thing is directly incorporated into another, but also in a temporal sense, in which one actually originates within the other.’

The 4700-sq-m warehouse was divided into four specific areas: offices, musicians’ studios, conference space and lounge, plus recording studios. Amazingly, the warehouse structure itself was not modified; the architects say it can easily be returned to how it was before the intervention.

The Red Bull Music Academy is a traveling festival that has been held in a different city every year for the past 14 years. Sixty pre-selected participants take part in the festival where they collaborate with musicians, producers and DJs; the entire program is designed to exchange knowledge and ideas about music.

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