Restaurant for CGSH in Milan

Vertical oak wood stripes incorporate the ‘light box.’

Located in a 1960’s building designed by famous Italian architect Gio Ponti, a new restaurant for the law firm CGSH rests in an expansion of the building’s basement.

Opposite the entrance is a light wall, which the architects installed to overcome the lack of natural light in the underground space. The ‘light box’ is made with two glass pieces – one transparent, one opaque – with thin vertical bands of oak wood. The glowing wall functions as an element that harmonizes the whole space.

Meanwhile, arbitrarily positioned on the ceiling, warm light niches contrast the cold light omitted from the wall.

Special attention was paid environmental aspects, like sound isolation, since the space is meant to be multifunctional. It’s also used as a conference room, cinema and exhibition space for the company’s art collection. Currently, works from the Korean artist Minjung Kim are on display.

Photos courtesy Giovanna Silva.

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